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Thermofax Blank Screens 10 Pack, 70 Mesh

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If you have access to your own Thermofax Machine (lucky you!!!) you can now purchase 10 sheets of mesh to create your own screens. 

70 mesh - perfect for printing on textiles
10 sheets
12" x 9"

You can find TUTORIALS for all things Thermofax at
sizing your screens correctly.
turning your doodle into a thermofax ready image.
Turn your Photo into a screen ready image using Photoshop Elements

This product is the fabric screen alone and will need to be imaged then taped or framed for printing. Watch the tutorials at the link below and prepare your screens yourself or:

Order Frames HERE
If you order frames without taping services I assume you will tape them yourself.
Order Taping Services HERE
Please order a taping service for each screen you wish for me to tape for you. If you order a frame I will tape the screen to a frame. If you order taping service without a frame I will bind the edges of your screen with tape.

Watch Tutorials HERE
How to tape your own screens, with or without a frame.
How screens are made.
How to get images ready for custom screens.

thermofax screen frames



Order taping services HERE
If you order taping services and frames your screens will come taped to the frames. 
thermofax screen taped to frame

If you order taping service without frames your screens will be framless and bound with duct tape.
thermofax screen taped without frame

Screens are imaged with each order and will be ready in 3-5 days. (Although Lyric usually gets to them much quicker than that.) If you have a rush order please contact Lyric to make sure she is not out of town.

You can find tutorials for all things Thermofax at