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Foil for Fabric

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Foil can be applied to cloth any way that you apply paint: screen printed, brushed, stamped, stenciled. You are limited only by your imagination. This metalic foil is designed to be used with the Gray Glue sold separately.

Five sheets of metallic foil, 5″ x 12
Gold, Turquoise, Silver, Purple, Copper

Instructions for Use

Gray Glue

  • Glue can be applied to your cloth any way that you can apply paint
  • Print with stamps, screen print (make sure to wash screens quickly as glue dries very quickly), stencil, brush
  • Printing on cloth works best if you use a padded print surface such as a piece of craft felt
  • Allow gray glue to dry completely, overnight is best for thicker applications
  • A hair dryer can speed up the drying process


  • Lay a a solid heat proof surface such as a metal cookie sheet on top of your ironing board
  • Lay your fabric, glue side up onto the metal sheet
  • Lay foil COLOR SIDE UP on top of the glue
  • Use a piece of parchment on top to protect the foil until you figure out how hot your iron is
  • Scrape firmly with the edge of your iron, cotton setting – both heat and pressure are required
  • Let the fabric cool then peel away foil
  • Move foil and repeat the process for any areas that did not transfer
  • You can use the foil over and over until the foil sheet is entirely used up
  • Foil adhered to fabric is gently machine washable