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Original Artwork: Unspoken Language

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The meditative mystery of an unspoken language unfolds as you unroll this hand stitched work of art. Is there a language here? There is the touch of the artist's hand, the discovery, the thoughtfulness of each mark made and each stitch place.

This scroll can be displayed in its rolled form, to be discovered again and again when you wish to think and ponder or fall into a state of peaceful zen. 

It can also be hung vertically by placing two small nails at an angle to hang the bobbin on or by looping the tying cord around one hook. Occasionally turn it front to back for a new view.

Linen and cotton cloth, screen printed. Hand made paper, inked.
Antique bobbin
Stitched by hand and with meditation.
Rolled 4" x 2" diameter
Unrolled 4" x 37" long