Embroidery Kit: All Buggy - Stag Beetle

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We live in a world full of beautiful creatures, some so small that we ignore them. Beetles are the Order of Coleoptera in the Insecta Class, and serve vital functions as nutrient recyclers, pollinators, and food for many birds and reptiles.

Insects are one of the prime indicators of the health of our ecosystems. Recent studies have shown a dramatic decrease in both diversity and biomass of insects in many parts of the world. I encourage you to research. read, notice and really see what is happening, then do any small thing you can to make our world a better place for all life forms.


Kit includes:
simple embroidery stitch instructions
printed cloth
five cards of Perle 8 - 9 meters 100% cotton embroidery thread


House of Embroidery is a South African-born dye house established in 1995 which produces multi-coloured hand-dyed embroidery thread and ribbon.

As a fair-trade company, House of Embroidery prides itself on the sustained empowerment of previously unskilled South Africans. Most of the team are women, many of whom had no prior employment. The majority are currently the main breadwinners in their respective families.