Online Course Bundle: The Artist's Toolbox parts 1 & 2

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After you have designed the composition, everything else you do is merely execution - not that execution is by any means trivial, but virtuosity of execution is for naught if the composition is wanting.
-John Gargano

The Elements of Art are the building blocks for every piece you create. The Principles are the innumerable structures created as you compose your art. This Bundle of two intensive online courses is like your first year of basic design in college.  

Whether you have a formal background in art or are completely self taught, these courses are something you can truly benefit from. Spend an intensive month or two or work your way through the lessons at a leisurely pace, coming to them whenever you can. The courses never close so you can come back for a refresher whenever you like. Lyric will be engaged and answer questions whenever you post.

Artists Toolbox the ELEMENTS Lessons Include:

  1. Welcome, Course Philosophy, and Preparatory Materials
  2. Texture
  3. Shape
  4. Line
  5. Color
  6. Value

Artists Toolbox the PRINCIPLES Lessons Include:

  1. Welcome, Course Philosophy, and Preparatory Materials
  2. Introduction to Critique
  3. Unity and Variety
  4. Focal Point
  5. Balance and Symmetry
  6. Scale and Proportion
  7. Depth and Space
  8. Rhythm and Motion

Once you finish payment, you will receive a PDF with links for enrollment in each online course. You will need to create a username and password to access the course materials.