Online Course: Playful Portraiture, making faces from photos to fabric

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Online Video and Written Instruction

Learn the secrets of making quilted portraits, from whimsical and cartoon-like silly selfie postcards to accurately proportioned quilted portraits. You will discover that it isn’t nearly as hard as you imagined. Learn to choose your photo, draft a pattern, and create a fusible appliqué quilted portrait.

You have access to all of the lessons immediately upon registration. This class can be completed in one week and will be open for one year (likely much longer.)

Patterns for Ella Fitzgerald and Audrey Hepburn are included in this class.

(If you are interested in other options they can be found HERE)

textile portrait of funny kissy face lady

Lessons include:

  • Placement and Proportions for making realistic shapes
  • What makes a good photo to work with
  • How to trace a photo to make a pattern for appliqué 
  • How to use apps to speed the pattern making process (optional)
  • How to construct a fused applique portrait from your pattern
  • Tips for quilting human faces

textile portrait by lyric montgomery kinard

"Hi Lyric!
I want to tell you how much I REALLY enjoyed the Playful Portraiture class!  You made it SIMPLE and FUN!  
You started at the beginning and broke down our blinders and self doubts, and EACH of us made a FANTASTIC portrait!  It’s great how you provided a few portrait pictures for your students to practice on so we aren’t ruining a treasured love one.  You covered every detail of making these portraits and I look so forward to doing one of my grandsons!  I also love how you went over some Apps used to help out in the process!  WOW!  These Apps make things much simpler and are user friendly, especially after your explanations!  I’m just so thrilled I took the day off to do something I’ve been wanting to learn!  I highly recommend taking this class!!!  What a GREAT FUN DAY!!!"
Nina Clotfelter



Q: How does this work once I purchase this class?
A: Once you finish payment, you will receive a PDF with a link for enrollment in the online course. You will need to create a username and password to access the course materials.

Q: What are the lessons like?
A: Each lesson includes short videos as well as written instructions.

Q: I'm half-way across the world in a different time zone. Will I miss half of what is going on?
A: Not at all. The beauty of online classes is that you can come to them at your convenience. There is no "live" element to this class that you will miss.

Q: How much interaction is there from the teacher?
A: If you can't find the answer to your question in the comment section post your query. Lyric will answer within a week.

Q: Can I interact with other students?
A: Of course. Each lesson has a comment section where students can ask questions and talk to each other. The more you comment, the better!

Q: Is the content downloadable?
A: No, but you can access them anywhere you have wifi or a data connection.

Q: What do I need to know about using a computer?
A: You'll need to be able to save the URL and password. If you want to post photos you'll need to take a picture of your work and upload it to the course comment section. That's about it!

Q: How long will the course be open?
A: For as long as Lyric is teaching, which we hope is many more years.